Congregados Basilica

Convento Dos Congregados
Convento Dos Congregados church
Jose Goncalves

Work began on the Basilica of the Igreja dos Congregados in the early 18th century when baroque styling was all the rage. By the time it was finished in the 1960s rococo and neoclassical had been and gone. The result, all the same is a stunning church both inside and out.

The church was designed by architect André Soares and features two bell towers. The façade also has two notable statues by sculptor Manuel Nogueira da Silva - these represent saints Filipe de Nery and Martinho de Dume and were the final part of the church to be completed in 1964.

The interior of the basilica as possibly more impressive than the exterior. It is full of light and has some fantastic statues and religious scenes.

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