Palácio Bivar

Palacio Bivar - Faro
Palacio Bivar
C.M. Faro

Faro’s Bivar Palace, close to the marina is a fine example of the Neoclassical style of architecture and is probably the best example on the Algarve.  Built in 18th century, with later additions in 19th and 20th centuries, the two storey palace has a symmetry which is very pleasing to the eye.  At the front there are bay windows, each topped with a triangular pediment. There are wrought iron balconies and a balcony window with a lookout tower. 

Unfortunately, the building is not open to the public. Part of it is still used as a private residence by members the Bivar family, whose ancestors built the palace, and whose family coat of arms still adorn the ceiling above the main staircase.  The rest of the building is used as commercial premises. 

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