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Promoting conservation, environmental education and FUN! Zoomarine combines an important message with hands on shows and a huge water park.

Located just a few kilometers from Albufeira, here you can see presentations with the parks animals. The highlight of all these has to be the dolphin show which is along the lines of those at the famous Florida Seaworld. These feature displays of amazing acrobatics and the dolphins showing off their intelligence. Not only can you watch the performance, you can swim with the dolphins, although this does require booking in advance. 

Other shows include set pieces such as the "Enchanted Forest" featuring tropical birds such as parrots and cockatoos and the "Magic Book" - a quirky story starring some very clever sealions. There is also a birds of prey display in which hawks, owls and eagles demonstrate their mastery of the sky.

The park is home to lots of wildlife based exhibits including the impressive Oceanus aquarium complete with sharks and various marine habitats. Other onsite attractions include the "4D Cinema", an immersive experience showing "SOS Planet - One World, One Future", a film with a message.

Zoomarine is set in a landscaped park featuring gardens and water features such as a 10 metre natural waterfall and various pools.  

On the fun side of things there are a host of water-based rides and things to do for all the family. At the heart is the wave beach which is complete with sand and saltwater. Surrounding this are some great flumes and waterslides, most notably the impressive Harakiri which is aimed at slightly older kids.

The park is also home to other rides such as a small  roller-coaster, a big wheel and pirate ship complete with acrobatic pirates.

As a well run family theme park pretty Zoomarine have pretty much everything covered. There are the usual fast-food kiosks, a self-service restaurant, souvenir shop and other practicalities such as cash machines, push car hire and all the essentials for hanging out poolside such as loungers and umbrellas.

Zoomarine opens from March through to the end of October. Tickets are fairly good value with discounts available through the website.

Situated 10km from Albufeira, just off the main EN125, the park is easy to get to by car (plenty of free parking) or public transport.

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