Sé de Faro (Cathedral) at night

Sé de Faro (Cathedral) at night

The cathedral (or Sé) in Faro dates back to the 13th century when the town was reconquered from the Moors. Work began almost immediately on this, the church of Santa Maria.

Much of what you see dates back to this time, although the church was extended and also repaired after the 1755 earthquake. It is a different story for the interior though. In 1596 British troops under the command of the Earl of Essex looted and burned the cathedral, gutting it. However, the wood carving and gilding that replaced the original interior are suitably sumptuous and will not dissapoint.


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Surrounded by fertile fields of trees bearing fruit, olives and the almonds for which the Algarve is famous, Faro is a large town of over 50,000 inhabitants, the administrative capital of the province, lies at the heart of the...