Elétrico de Sintra Trams

Sintra - Praia das Macas Tram
© Alain GAVILLET / CC BY-SA 3.0
Sintra tram
© Alain GAVILLET / CC BY-SA 3.0

Sintra Tramway

This vintage narrow-gauge tramway connects Sintra with the lively coastal resort of Praia das Macas, 14 kilometres to the west.  The line dates back to 1904 and the open red, wooden carriages are a favourite with younger visitors. 

Don't expect modern comforts or an efficient journey. In the height of the summer season there can be a long wait to board the tram and queue jumpers can be an annoyance.  The journey itself can be quite hair-raising, with plenty of sudden jolts and stops accompanied by the screech of noisy brakes.  But most would agree that these minor annoyances are all part of the experience.

The entire journey takes around 45 minutes, with stops at six destinations along the way.  Although there are some interesting sights along the route, it’s not the most scenic of trips; for most of the journey the tramline runs alongside the main road.

Trams depart hourly from Fridays to Sundays with a reduced service outside the high season.

For details of timetables and ticket prices, contact the Sintra Tourist Office.