47 Best Things to Do in Baixa-Chiado

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  • Queluz National Palace
    Queluz National Palace

    The Palace at Queluz was built in the latter half of the 18th century from a design by two of the periods most esteemed architects; Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Robillon and the Portuguese Mateus Vicente de Oliveira. Together they created this "Portuguese Versailles" in the Rococo style as a manor house for King Pedro II.

    During the reign of Maria I (1777-99) Queluz becamethe official residence of the Royal family. Unfortunately for Maria I she is largely remembered for her bouts of mania followed by slumps into prolonged depressions.

    The main façade of the palace is relatively...


  • Costa da Caparica beach railway
    Costa da Caparica beach railway
    Mogadir | BY-SA

    The huge crescent of sand that stretches southwards from the town of Costa da Caparica is home to a number of fantastic beaches. And whilst those in front of the numerous apartment blocks in the town itself are nothing to complain about, the further down the coast you head, the wider and less built up they becomes. In fact within a few km there are only sand dunes as a backdrop - keep going and it becomes a protected landscape of sculpted cliffs and forest.

    For many visitors to Costa da Caparica the appeal is you can hop on a bus, train or ferry in Lisbon and be here in half an hour...



Baixa Chiado

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Baixa, literally translated as 'low', is situated in the gulf between the two main hills of the city and is the central business and shopping district of the capital. The 1755 earthquake...