17 Best Things to Do in Guimaraes

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  • Arco da Porta Nova - Braga
    Arco da Porta Nova
    Jose Goncalves | BY-SA

    Translating from the Portuguese as the Arch of the New Gate, the Arco da Porta Nova is an ornamental gateway leading into the historic centre of Braga from the west. Located on the pedestrianised Rua do D. Diogo de Sousa, it was constructed to a design by architect André Soares in the 1770s, although a gate has stood in its place since the city walls were completed in the late 1300s.

    Rising several stories over the street, the Arco da Porta Nova is stylistically different on both sides. Its western face is dominated by the baroque style that Soares became known for. However, its...


  • Biscainhos Museum - Braga
    Biscainhos Museum

    Located in a 16th century manor house, the museum has a permanent collection of furniture, ceramics, glass and clocks displayed in situ to recreate the decor of an 18th century manor house




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Heralded as the birthplace of Portugal as we know it today, the role of Guimarães in establishing Portugal’s status as an independent country and national identity is significant. Already housing an important monastery, protected...