4 Best Things to Do in Marvao

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  • Marvão Castle

    The whitewashed village of Marvão clings to the sides of a craggy granite peak of the Serra de São Mamede in the northern Alentejo. Crowning the 960 metre (3,000 ft) peak is the largely 13th century castle of Marvão.

    It is fairly obvious why this position was chosen; the stunning sweeping views take in the mountainous terrain up to and beyond the Spanish border less than 15km (10 miles) away. In the words of Nobel laureate José Saramago, "From Marvão one can see the entire land", and this is not too much of an exaggeration. The first castle to be built in Marvão was by its founder,...


  • Convento de São Bernardo
    Convento de São Bernardo
    Sacavem1 | BY-SA

    One of Portalegre's fabled seven convents, the Convento de São Bernardo is without doubt one of the loveliest buildings in the city. The convent features a mish-mash of architectural styles ranging from 16th century Manueline and Renaissance to 18th century Baroque.

    Consecrated in 1572 the convent was built to house "maidens without dowry" who would serve as nuns.

    It is well worth making the effort to look inside the convent. The corridors feature arches and beautiful 18th century azulejo panels depicting scenes from St...


  • Portalegre Castle
    Portalegre Castle

    13th century castle overlooking the town. The castle is also home to the Núcleo Museológico do Castelo, a small museum of military exhibits


  • Sé de Portalegre
    Sé de Portalegre
    Hugo Cadavez | BY-SA

    One of the first things you will see as you approach the small Alentejo city of Portalegre are the bell towers of the cathedral (Sé). Set on what is probably the highest point in the town it is visible from far and wide.

    Built on the site of the church of Santa Maria do Castelo work on the cathedral began in 1556 by order of king D. João III. The cathedral was completed in 1575 with the laying of the final stone, the tip of the vault. The Sé de Portalegre was consecrated to Our Lady of the Assumption under the Diocese of Portalegre's first bishop, D. Julião de Alva.




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