Praia da Azarujinha

Praia da Azarujinha
© Bosc d'Anjou / CC BY-SA 3.0
Praia da Azarujinha
© Portuguese Eyes / Vitor Oliveira / CC BY-SA 3.0

Praia da Azarujinha might be considered the first of the Estoril / Cascais "Riviera" beaches. Located in São João do Estoril this diminutive beach is the start of the broad promenade which runs all the way to Cascais.

The beach here is set in a kind of natural amphitheatre of cliffs. A high stone wall on the cliff front makes sure the cliffs are stable and also provides several stairways down to the sand below. Atop the cliffs are several fine villas and apartment blocks as well as a number of palm trees.

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Praia da Azarujinha tide times

  • Sat 10th June
    Low 2:21am (1.10m)
    High 8:41am (2.90m)
    Low 2:37pm (1.35m)
    High 9:01pm (3.15m)
  • Sun 11th June
    Low 3:33am (1.15m)
    High 9:50am (2.88m)
    Low 3:52pm (1.37m)
    High 10:10pm (3.11m)
  • Mon 12th June
    Low 4:44am (1.14m)
    High 10:58am (2.92m)
    Low 5:05pm (1.32m)
    High 11:18pm (3.12m)
  • Tue 13th June
    Low 5:46am (1.11m)
    High 12:00pm (3.00m)
    Low 6:08pm (1.24m)

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