Praia da Balança

Praia da Balança
© ian_woodhead1 / CC BY-SA 3.0
Praia da Balança
© Dronepicr / CC BY-SA 3.0

The little cove of Praia da Balança lies just within the shelter of the rocky Ponta da Piedade headland. This whole stretch of coast is defined by the eroded sandstone rocks which have been moulded into a variety of shapes over the milenia. Sometimes referred to as the "Costa de Oura" (Golden Coast) there are any number of rock arches, sinkholes, pinnacles, caves and grottos between here and the harbour at Lagos. This area is where all the guide book cover photo of Lagos are taken.

It is after one of these rock formations that Praia da Balança gets its name. Balança translates as scales and there are allegedly a set of rocks here that resemble these, although I have to admit I struggled to see the likeness! Regardless of what the rocks look like they are certainly amazing here.

Access to the beach is quite difficult and not without risk. On the plus side this keeps crowds to a minimum, although quite a few visitors arrive by boat or kayak.

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Praia da Balança tide times

  • Tue 23rd July
    High 4:26am (3.30m)
    Low 10:22am (0.73m)
    High 4:42pm (3.58m)
    Low 10:56pm (0.59m)
  • Wed 24th July
    High 5:10am (3.30m)
    Low 11:06am (0.74m)
    High 5:26pm (3.56m)
    Low 11:41pm (0.63m)
  • Thu 25th July
    High 5:55am (3.25m)
    Low 11:51am (0.80m)
    High 6:13pm (3.48m)
  • Fri 26th July
    Low 12:28am (0.73m)
    High 6:43am (3.15m)
    Low 12:40pm (0.92m)
    High 7:02pm (3.33m)

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