Praia de Porto das Barcas

Praia de Porto das Barcas Praia de Porto das Barcas

Porto das Barcas is a large sandy beach near the town of Lourinhã and about 15km south of Peniche. Within about an hour's drive of Lisbon the beach here was once very popular. However, things have quietened down over the years and the beach has something of a wild feel most of the year.

The beach is backed by high cliffs for most of its length. These rocks are of some interest to paleontologists with several fossils of dinosaurs being found here.

About halfway along the length of the beach the cliffs dip down and there is a car park and road leading down. This road runs along the back of the northern section of the beach, protected by boulders which have been placed in front of it. At the end of the road is the old fishing port which consists of a slipway and some run-down, whitewashed, old hotel buildings. It is also worth noting the stone sculptures made by local artist Zé (ZenArtes) at this end of the beach.

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Praia de Porto das Barcas tide times

  • Sun 4th June
    High 3:24am (3.29m)
    Low 9:28am (0.70m)
    High 3:45pm (3.47m)
    Low 9:57pm (0.65m)
  • Mon 5th June
    High 4:09am (3.30m)
    Low 10:10am (0.71m)
    High 4:28pm (3.50m)
    Low 10:42pm (0.64m)
  • Tue 6th June
    High 4:56am (3.26m)
    Low 10:55am (0.76m)
    High 5:15pm (3.48m)
    Low 11:31pm (0.68m)
  • Wed 7th June
    High 5:46am (3.18m)
    Low 11:43am (0.87m)
    High 6:04pm (3.41m)

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