Praia de São Lourenço

Praia de São Lourenço - Ericeira Praia de São Lourenço
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At a around 7km from Ericeira, Praia de São Lourenço is the most northerly of what are considered the area's beaches. This wide sandy and sheltered bay is a popular spot and is best known for two things; surfing and seafood, although sunbathing is pretty high on most people's list too.
São Lourenço is home to a number of quality restaurants specializing in fresh and seafood fish.

Surfing at São Lourenço is fine for all on calm days. However, this is known as Ericeira's big wave surf spot (and Ericeira is known as one of Portugal's big-wave locations). Due to the steeply shelving beach getting in and out of the water at high tide can be quite challenging.

There are a good range of facilities on and around the beach and it is patrolled by a lifeguard and the SOS Praia (Beach SOS) system.

Running along the northern side of the beach is the mouth of the Safarujo river which forms a large lagoon of brackish water.

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Praia de São Lourenço tide times

  • Mon 27th March
    Low 12:49am (1.15m)
    High 7:08am (2.88m)
    Low 1:03pm (1.33m)
    High 7:28pm (2.87m)
  • Tue 28th March
    Low 1:39am (1.40m)
    High 8:01am (2.62m)
    Low 1:52pm (1.57m)
    High 8:26pm (2.68m)
  • Wed 29th March
    Low 2:54am (1.59m)
    High 9:18am (2.43m)
    Low 3:14pm (1.75m)
    High 9:51pm (2.56m)
  • Thu 30th March
    Low 4:47am (1.65m)
    High 11:03am (2.39m)
    Low 5:12pm (1.76m)
    High 11:29pm (2.60m)

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