Praia do Molhe

Praia do Molhe
© Jose Goncalves / CC BY-SA 3.0

Praia do Molhe is another of Porto's beaches along the Foz district of the city. Like neighbouring beaches, Molhe is a mixture of coarse sand and rocks with its own beachfront cafe. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of the beach (and where it gets its name) is the stone jetty which runs out from the beach. This was built to protect the bathing waters here from the northerly swells.

The beach here is backed by the promenade and gardens that line Avenida do Brasil. However this particular stretch stands out due to the presence of the Pérgola da Foz. This structure is perhaps the most iconic on Porto's seafront. Instantly recognisable from the row of yellow pillars the pergola was built in the 1930s as part of a beautification project for the area. Although the pergola is all that is visible of the structure from the promenade there are actually matching staircases and structures on the beach below.

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Praia do Molhe tide times

  • Sat 25th May
    High 4:42am (2.58m)
    Low 10:38am (1.41m)
    High 5:08pm (2.76m)
    Low 11:28pm (1.31m)
  • Sun 26th May
    High 5:52am (2.61m)
    Low 11:45am (1.40m)
    High 6:12pm (2.84m)
  • Mon 27th May
    Low 12:35am (1.20m)
    High 6:56am (2.70m)
    Low 12:51pm (1.31m)
    High 7:12pm (2.97m)
  • Tue 28th May
    Low 1:36am (1.05m)
    High 7:53am (2.85m)
    Low 1:50pm (1.17m)
    High 8:06pm (3.14m)

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