Onboard the Number 1 Tram - Porto

Onboard the Number 1 Tram - Porto

On board Porto's number 1 tram. This tram route runs along the northern bank of the Douro from downtown Porto to the Foz district. It's a great way to take in a few sights, such as the Arrabida bridge and enjoy a little history - these trams date back to the 1930s and have changed little.

The fare is actually quite pricey if you just buy a ticket on the the tram. However, it becomes fairly inexpensive if you have a travel card - which is why you still see some locals on here outside of peak tourist times.


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Porto is considered the capital of the north and as the second largest city in Portugal, rightfully so. There are really very few similarities between Porto and Lisbon – they are both near the coast, on the banks of large rivers and...