Praia das Adegas

Praia das Adegas Praia das Adegas

The small cove of Praia das Adegas is separated from its better known neighbour, Praia de Odeceixe by high cliffs, although at low tide it is possible to walk around. This gives the beach a rather secluded feel and definitely helps keep the crowds down and also makes it a popular spot with naturists.

The little beach here is very much unspoiled with nothing in the way of development (or facilities). Being on the Algarve's west coast means it faces into the full force of the Atlantic Ocean so care should be taken if swimming as the surf can be powerful. Other potential dangers include falling rocks, so make sure you don't pitch your towel to close to the cliffs.

Praia das Adegas does have its own parking and access is via a long set of wooden steps which lead down the cliffside.

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Praia das Adegas tide times

  • Fri 19th April
    High 12:32am (2.82m)
    Low 6:58am (1.16m)
    High 1:04pm (2.75m)
    Low 7:06pm (1.23m)
  • Sat 20th April
    High 1:14am (2.97m)
    Low 7:32am (1.04m)
    High 1:37pm (2.90m)
    Low 7:40pm (1.07m)
  • Sun 21st April
    High 1:48am (3.09m)
    Low 8:01am (0.93m)
    High 2:08pm (3.04m)
    Low 8:10pm (0.95m)
  • Mon 22nd April
    High 2:20am (3.18m)
    Low 8:28am (0.85m)
    High 2:37pm (3.15m)
    Low 8:39pm (0.85m)

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