Praia dos Buizinhos

Praia dos Buizinhos
© Filipe Ramos / CC BY-SA 3.0
Praia dos Buizinhos
© Vitor Oliveira / CC BY-SA 3.0
Praia dos Buizinhos
© PauloMadeiraMarques / CC BY-SA 3.0

The closest beach to the centre of Porto Côvo, Praia dos Buizinhos is small but perfectly formed. Backed by a semi-circle of cliffs and with lots of rocks just offshore this is generally one of the most sheltered beaches in the town.

Despite being right by the village there isn't actually much in the way of amenities on the beach itself. There is also no lifeguard, although it is generally safe to stay in the shallows here.

As mentioned, Praia dos Buizinhos is small and this is perhaps the only negative. Obviously if you have it to yourself this is not a problem, but given its proximity to the town this is unlikely. At a guess I would say there is room for about 6 or so families, any more and it would start to feel a little claustrophobic.

The name of the beach refers to the tiny, powdered shells that form the pale golden sand here.

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Praia dos Buizinhos tide times

  • Tue 23rd July
    High 4:40am (3.23m)
    Low 10:33am (0.68m)
    High 4:56pm (3.55m)
    Low 11:08pm (0.54m)
  • Wed 24th July
    High 5:23am (3.24m)
    Low 11:17am (0.68m)
    High 5:40pm (3.54m)
    Low 11:53pm (0.58m)
  • Thu 25th July
    High 6:08am (3.19m)
    Low 12:02pm (0.74m)
    High 6:26pm (3.45m)
  • Fri 26th July
    Low 12:40am (0.68m)
    High 6:56am (3.10m)
    Low 12:51pm (0.86m)
    High 7:15pm (3.30m)

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