Praia dos Pescadores

Praia dos Pescadores - Albufeira Praia dos Pescadores
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Fisherman's beach

Praia dos Pescadores (Fisherman's beach) is situated right in front of Albufeira's old town. It is one of the resort's main beaches along with neighbouring Praia do Túnel and as such can get pretty busy in the summer months. Of course there are advantages; it is easily accessible from the Old Town - there is even an escalator down to beach level from the cliffs behind.

The name of the beach comes from it once being where the town's fishermen would launch their boats from. There are still a few colourful fishing boats dotted around the beach but it is now the haven of sun seekers. One nod to the town's fishing heritage is the number of seafood restaurants along the beachfront, along with most other things you'd need for a family day at the beach.

As you'd expect from any Algarve beach the beach is golden sand and the water is crystal clear azure despite the fact Praia dos Pescadores is not a Blue Flag beach.

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Praia dos Pescadores tide times

  • Fri 21st June
    High 2:32am (3.03m)
    Low 8:30am (0.99m)
    High 2:50pm (3.23m)
    Low 9:00pm (0.90m)
  • Sat 22nd June
    High 3:14am (3.08m)
    Low 9:10am (0.94m)
    High 3:30pm (3.30m)
    Low 9:41pm (0.83m)
  • Sun 23rd June
    High 3:56am (3.12m)
    Low 9:51am (0.91m)
    High 4:12pm (3.35m)
    Low 10:24pm (0.79m)
  • Mon 24th June
    High 4:39am (3.12m)
    Low 10:34am (0.92m)
    High 4:55pm (3.36m)
    Low 11:09pm (0.79m)

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